Club Officers and Officials

Executive Council

Club  President                      (elected)

Charles McMahan                      850-777-1655 (C) 


Club Vice President             (elected)

Walt Mathews

Club Secretary                     (elected)

George Cooper                                                       


Club Treasurer                    (elected)

Sam Helmich                               850-203-1826 


Club Safety Officer           (elected)

Buddy Bradley                            850-554-2818 (C) 

Additional Club Positions

Club Flight Instructor Coordinator          (appointed by president)

OPEN Position


Web Master                                                (appointed by president)

Sam Helmich 850-203-1826,  Frank Papasavas


Club Photographer                                   (appointed by president)

Frank Papasavas

Jay Field Field Committee                      (appointed by president)

Field Marshal  Frank Papasavas, Jeff Lee, Galen Moffett

Jay Field Field Support                           (volunteers)

Frank Papasavas, Jeff Lee, Galen Moffett, Sam Helmich

Fritz Field Field Committee                   (appointed by president/Board)

Field Marshal  Sam Helmich, Gerald Baxter, Walt Mathews

Fritz Field Field Support                        (volunteers)

Gerald Baxter (Sail Plane), Powered field. Ray Balanger

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