Blue Angel Recreation Park (Bronson)

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GPS:   N30 22.914   W087 24.495

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Here are some driving directions:

BLUE ANGEL RECREATION AREA: location: Hwy 98 West.

ACCESS: Turn left onto the field just prior to the park gate, then right onto the first taxiway to the intersection of the runway.

The site is not locked, but you must have in your possession valid AMA and NFMI membership cards and a DOD card or a pass from building 777 Murray Rd

Pensacola, FL 32508 (GPS 30.368600, -87.277428) that is good for 6 months with out this pass YOU WILL NOT FLY.  Frequency control is dependant on proper communication among the flyers present. Use good judgment when setting up operations.


Activities are limited to daylight hours on weekends on a 'not to interfere with government operations' basis. We operate in an area at the southeast corner of the Portland cement concrete apron at the intersection of the old runway 9 and the crossing taxiway. This license is effective through 30 APR 2007.

While using Bronson, remember that we are guests. Regular users need to establish good operating rules and enforce/follow them. It is up to all field users to conduct themselves in a manner that will not jeopardize this privilege. While Flying at Bronson there is a white line this is the flight line all flyers must fly parallel to this flight line and you must stand near or at the flight line while flying your plane. NO pilots will be allowed to take off from errounous directions that can scatter the take off and landing directions that is not following the parallel to the white line.

The Navy still plans to remove all pavement at some point in the future with no mention of a date of competion. Several times a year the local police dept sets up for new recruit driver training at this facility dates will be shown when the Police dept. shares the dates with the club. If you arrive at Bronson and the police dept is there and active training you will be informed to leave and you must leave they have the right of way for that day of training. Do not attempt to fly when the Police dept is there for their driver training they will not let you stay.