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9/15/2020   – At the September meeting, we voted to make several additions to the Fritz Field Rules. This clarifies how we should be addressing ELECTRIC planes specifically .

Here are excerpts of what was added

Do not fly alone. Have someone else there in case of an incident.

Make sure someone at the field has a cell phone, so that 911 can be reached if an emergency exists.

Electric powered aircraft. It is strongly suggested to have an external arming/disarming plug.

Engine starting. ABSOLUTLY No starting or running on tables or stands under the covered areas of the pilot areas.  Start combustion engines at the flight line or in the area between the flight line and pit area. Electric’s must also be armed in this area.

All models (INCLUDING ELECTRIC) need to be restrained by, a person holding the model on the ground, a plane restraint anchored in the ground, or on a starting stand, when starting combustion engines, or for electric when arming the motor (plugging in the battery without an external arming switch disconnected is arming)


All combustion engines must be stopped at the flight line, and electrics must be disconnected from the battery at the flight line.

PLANE Maintenance

When working on Electric planes on Carport tables either the battery must be removed from plane, or Prop taken off the aircraft, or 1 of the 3 wires disconnected from the motor.


9.15.2020 A few other highlights from the September meeting.

Frank Papasavas resigned as club Secretary. George Cooper was installed by the Executive Board to replace Frank for the remainder of the term.

NFMI 2021 Budget was reviewed and will be voted on at the October meeting.

NFMI is planning a tailgate swap meet at Fritz Field on 10/17 from 8am until 2pm. More details in a while.

9.15.2020 Septembers Secretarys report has been posted under Club documents.

Calendar of Events

Club meetings are the 2nd Saturday of the month at our FRITZ field, Pensacola, @ 11am.

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