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  • Building Hope: Pandemic spurs model building resurgence July 22, 2021
    Hobby provides bright light, welcome distraction By Rachelle Haughn   If US residents were asked to name one good thing that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, the answers could vary. Some might say more quality time with family, less wear-and-tear on their vehicles, or even working from home in their pajamas. But if […]
    FMS 80mm Dassault Rafale By Jon Barnes | Photos by the author
    At a Glance Specifications Model type: EDF jet Skill level: Intermediate Wingspan: 38.3 inches (974mm) Wing area: 597 sq. in. Length: 55.5 inches (1,409mm) Weight: 5.9 pounds Power system: 80mm brushless EDF Radio: Minimum seven channels required Construction: EPO foam […]
  • Bonus Content July 2021 July 13, 2021
    --> Current Bonus ContentPrevious Bonus Content >>  As seen in the July 2021 issue of Model Aviation.By AUTHOR NAME | AUTHOR@EMAIL.COM)to bottom of document, and At A Glance section (for reviews) to the top. --> Bonus content related to this issue is on our website at or experience the digital edition on your computer, […]
  • An All-Epoxy Finish July 7, 2021
    */ /*-->*/ Written by Joe Daly Control Line Aerobatics As seen in the July 2021 issue of Model Aviation. */ /*-->*/ IN THE EVER-CHALLENGING PURSUIT of a lightweight, high-quality finish, I decided to complete an airplane using an all-epoxy finish from bare wood. This is not a new concept. It was used in some form […]
  • A Promising Post-Pandemic Season Of Flying July 7, 2021
    Written by Chad Budreau View From HQ As seen in the June 2021 issue of Model Aviation. THERE IS MUCH PENT-UP DEMAND for hobby-related activities and events. As vaccines are distributed and COVID-19 cases continue to fall, AMA staff members are anticipating a busy year at the International Aeromodeling Center (IAC) and across the country. […]
  • Skin Cancer and the Aeromodelers June 24, 2021
    */ /*-->*/ Written by Dr. Joseph Gadzia Visit your dermatologist before it’s too late As seen in the September 2012 issue of Model Aviation. */ /*-->*/ When I started aeromodeling nine years ago, I had just finished my dermatology residency and had successfully started a thriving practice. Since I was a kid, I had always […]
  • Common Questions with APC Propellers June 24, 2021
    Written by Jay Smith APC Propellers’ Annie Torres shares her knowledge about propellers As seen in the March2021 issue of Model Aviation. Common Questions    Glow propellers vs. electric: Propellers for glow- or gas-powered, internal-combustion engines are made stronger to withstand the high acceleration forces that result with each piston stroke. These propellers can also […]
  • Lee Ray: AMA’s Social Media Manager June 16, 2021
    */ /*-->*/ Written by Jay Smith AMA’s Social Media Manager As seen in the July 2021 issue of Model Aviation. I Am The AMA */ /*-->*/ Bonus Video
    JAY SMITH: How did you get involved with model aviation? LEE RAY: My father and his love of aviation is the primary reason I am […]
  • Prince of Drones June 15, 2021
    */ /*-->*/ Written by Kimberly Pucci The Reginald Denny Story As seen in the July 2021 issue of Model Aviation. */ /*-->*/ 01. Reginald "Reg" Denny is shown with his self-made U.S. Army Air Corps scale model (circa 1937).Reginald "Reg" Denny was born into a family of Shakespearean actors at the same time when Nikola […]
  • Destination Mars June 15, 2021
    */ /*-->*/ Written by Rachelle Haughn AMA member helped design the first model aircraft to fly on Mars As seen in the July 2021 issue of Model Aviation. */ /*-->*/ Bonus Video
    01. NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter extends vertically into place after being rotated outward from its horizontal position on the belly of […]