Membership Dues.

Membership Types.

  • Regular Membership $75
  • Senior Membership (65 and over as of JAN 1st) $50
  • Extra Family Member when part of a paid membership, FREE for the EXTRA Member   (NO voting rights) 
  • Youth Membership Individual (must be member of AMA’s Youth membership), FREE     (NO voting rights)
  • Active Duty Military Student (military student status in Pensacola area) , (No Voting rights), FREE

    1. All Memberships are Jan 1 thru Dec 31st of each year.
    2. Membership renewals are due by Dec 31st of the past year. So for 2022 dues should be paid by Dec 31st of 2021, please.
    3. If you do not renew/pay by Dec 31st, you can still renew. But from Jan 1st until you do renew, you will NOT be an active member of NFMI, have ANY flying privilege’s at our fields, or allowed to vote at a meeting.

Those membership types not required to pay dues (Youth, Active Military) can click here to exit the process.   NFMI Home   

There are 4 ways to pay your dues. 

  • Paypal  Click on the icon below to pay via paypal. Select the appropriate link below.
  • Credit Card or DEBIT card  –  NO PAYPAL account required, no PP login.
    • Still click on the PayPay appropriate link below, then select the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option.
  • Check. Make check out to NFMI. You can give it to a club officer, bring it to a meeting, or mail it to Northwest Florida Modelers Inc.  8531 Foxtail Loop Pensacola Fl, 32526.
  • Cash. Please do NOT mail. Give it to a club officer or bring it to a meeting.

Pay Full Membership of $75

Pay Senior Membership of $50

Thanks for joining NFMI. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings and out at the field having fun.

What comes next.

After we have a completed registration, have received your dues, and confirmed you AMA and FAA registration we will send you a “NFMI Welcome” email. This will have your membership card, attached, with instructions. 

  • NEW NFMI members

If you are new to NFMI.  There is a “Flight Check” process you must complete once to have full flying privilege’s at our fields. 

If you are a capable pilot then this is simply a few flights and landings, and a review of NFMI club and flying site rules. You must do this with an NFMI Officer, NFMI Flight Instructor, or if you know someone in the club, get approval for an NFMI officer to do the flight check with that NFMI member.

If you are new to Flying then you will need to get with an NFMI Instructor for lessons and eventual flight check. click Flight Instuctors  to contact one.
Your access to the member area of our NFMI web site will also be activated when complete.
If you have paid with PP or are done here, click CLOSE WINDOW to exit this window. THANKS
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