NFMI is an AMA Introductory Pilot Club participant.

NFMI has several AMA Intro pilot instructors. These are seasoned RC pilots that are registered with the AMA to provide training to beginners and advanced instruction. When flying with an AMA Intro Pilot you are covered by the AMA with many benifits, most important is AMA’s liability insurance of $2.5mil. This coverage is good for 60 days from first lesson. After that the student must join AMA, to continue.

NFMI is an AMA Gold Leader Club.

This designation from the AMA is for those clubs that excel in many areas.


RC flying is our passion.

Northwest Florida Modelers Inc. is the premier radio control club for all of Northwest Florida. We are fortunate enough to have three established RC flying sites. Fritz Field which is located in Escambia County is our primary flying field located on an abandoned landfill. We have three separate flying areas on this site dedicated to powered, glider and drone aircraft.

Our second site is located at Bronson Field also in Escambia County and is an abandon WWII Navy training base located west of the Pensacola Naval Air Station and it has been contracted to our club for over 30 years. Members that fly turbine jets use this field a lot due to its large size.

Our third sit is located in Santa Rosa County at the Jay Transfer Station. It is also an abandoned landfill which the county provided a 420′ runway overlayed with Aerotech fiber. 

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