I lost/destroyed my membership card, can i get a new one? 

YES. Simply log on and under menu Membership -> click on Member_Card . It will create a new one and email to the address we have for you.

Can I learn to fly by myself? 

Well. The hobby and technology have developed to the point you can buy planes that they tell you will,  fly themselves, take off themselves, land themselves. They may help do these things, yes. 

  • You need to ask yourself. WHY are you getting into this part of the hobby? To really learn to fly? Or just get around the sky and not really know how to fly.
  • People that try to learn by themselves, and some do learn, SPEND a lot of money on new planes and or parts, from many crashes, in the process.
  • Many develop the ability to get around the sky and land, but really not understand the fundamentals of flying.
  • understand proper safety with the hobby.
NFMI does not allow people to fly at any of our fields without being a competent pilot, able to take off, fly, and land SAFELY and in complete control, without the plane doing it thru technology. Also know AMA safety, NFMI safety / site rules before allowing a member to fly by themselves.


NFMI has Instructors that are willing to work with those that truly want to learn how to fly, be safe, and follow the rules. There is NO charge for this.

Learning with an NFMI instructor does not guarantee that you/instructor will not crash, but it is rare. 
NFMI does have PROPER trainer planes and equipment, that can be used for instruction.

I’m new to the hobby. Can I work with a flying Instructor?

Yes. NFMI has several. They will work with you at no charge. We work with beginners of all ages. Yes Kids can learn, really much quicker than an adult. I suggest to go to our Flight Instructor page for lots more details.    Flight Instructors

FaceBook. Rules and practices.

What are the rules for Facebook usage on NFMI Group page?

The intent of the FB page is to promote Aviation and the Model hobby, and NFMI as a club. This is a public representation of our club and it’s members to the FB community at large. Our page is PUBLIC anyone, even NON club members can join it.

* NO political posts. IF you do they will be deleted. Keep it up, you will be removed from NFMI FB Group.

* NO posting club business, PERIOD. Comments/opinions on club policies, practices, rules, should be brought up at a club meeting for discussion, and if required voting. IF you do they will be deleted. Keep it up, you will be removed from NFMI FB Group.

* NO Defamatory remarks about ANYONE or ANY organization. PERIOD. They will be deleted. Keep it up and you will be removed from NFMI FB Group.

Deleted Posts. IF you don’t like that a post was deleted. Do NOT post comments about it. Contact a club officer or FB Admin. Don’t agree with the delete bring it up at a club meeting.


Share information about the hobby, what you are up to within the hobby, jokes about the hobby, Stuff about Aviation in general,

Other Clubs events.


FaceBook. How do i add a shortcut to NFMI group page.

Go to NFMI Facebook Group page.   Facebook NFMI

Click on “… More” then click on “Pin to Shortcuts”. See pic below.

After this step. You should see it on the left as illustrated. 

I’m new to the hobby. What is the best plane to start with?

Do NOT go to the hobby store and ask them for a trainer plane. Same with looking online / internet for what many claim are trainer planes. Or do NOT go out and buy a good looking warbird type plane even if it says it’s a trainer plane. So much for the DO NOT’s.

I suggest before any purchases getting feedback from people in the hobby, like pilot’s at the field, or especially an NFMI Instructor. They can explain the different types of trainer equipment (planes, heli’s, radio’s, etc). Maybe used equipment is available to save $$$. Selection of the proper equipment will make the learning experience much easier and quicker.

How do I join NFMI ?

We have an online process to allow this to be done quite easily. You can signup online for your account, use Paypal to pay, or other payment methods. There are several requirements. Please see our Join NFMI for more information.     

How do I Renew my NFMI membership?

First you need to login to the NFMI web site. If you don’t remember your password there is a place to  reset it also.

To Start    Click Here

The steps are simple. You will 

  • Verify your info we have about you.
  • Pay
Follow the setups after logging on.
Thanks for rejoining.


How much does it cost to begin to fly ?

Talk about a hard question. You can usually get started with a “trainer” plane with radio for around $300 or less new, or maybe there are used equipment availible.

Which is better electric or gas power for a beginner to learn to fly ?

Again it depends. As with all things in life there are pros and cons to each. Too many to list and discuss here. Both are good options. Go out to the field or talk with a NFMI Instructor for guidance.

When does the Club meet?

Second Saturday of each month @ 11am at our Fritz Field. Escambia County Model Park. FL. See our calendar for more info.  Club Calendar

How many club members are there?

Approximately 150 members.

How much are dues?

For Regular membership dues are $75/year.
For Seniors (65+) they are $50.
Active Duty Military Student (in military and in student status in Pensacola area) FREE.
Extra Family Member (of paying member) living at same address, FREE. 
Youth Members. Must be registered with AMA under it’s “Youth membership program”, NFMI membership is FREE.

Do i have to be a member of the AMA to join NFMI?

Yes. The member must be a member of the AMA before joining NFMI. Click here to join AMA  

Do i have to get registered with FAA to join NFMI?

Yes. The member must be registered with FAA before joining NFMI. Click here to register with FAA  costs are $5 . NFMI does not police this. It is each members duty to stay current with the FAA.     

How much does it cost to join the AMA?

Depends on the membership that fits your circumstances. Please see the AMA membership web site for more details at  AMA Membership

Do I have to register my planes with the FAA?

Each pilot must register with the FAA. They issue a ID #. That must be displayed on each plane on the outside. FAA is registering the pilot, NOT each plane presently.

Do I need insurance to fly?

When you join AMA, they provide insurance to each member. One of many reasons you must join. Certainly you can have additional insurance, but not required by NFMI or AMA.

What are the hours of operations of the NFMI fields?

Usually sun up to sun down. But see each field for specific times and dates. Flying Sites   

Where are the flying fields located?

For a list of fields, aircraft supported, restrictions, dates and times of operation, and rules, please see each site  Flying Sites    

What types of aircraft are allowed at NFMI fields?

Each field supports a different list of aircraft. See our individual fields for a list, Flying Sites  

Are RC cars allowed at NFMI fields?

H’mmmmmm. Good question. Do you have one that fly’s?

Is there a Control-Line (ucontrol) area at NFMI fields?

Presently we do not have any members that fly U-Control. We do have an area at our Fritz field that was used for this type of flying, but presently not used or supported.

What hobby stores are in the area?

There are several. See our  LINKS    pages for a list. NFMI encourages support of local hobby stores.

Where can i buy supplies, parts, and such aircraft?

There are several local hobby shops, and of course the internet has a lot of sites. See our   Links    for some of them.

Are there noise restrictions?

Yes. And requirements depend on the field and it’s limitations. See each site, Flying Sites  

Does NFMI hold club events?

Yes. Many. See our club calendar for coming events.  Club Calendar   

Is it safe to fly RC planes, Heli’s ?

As with many things, this can be debated. They are usually as safe as planes and other aircraft. If good hobby practices are followed and rules in place by the AMA, NFMI, it is a very safe hobby. 

Have questions on Air worthiness of your plane?  NFMI has a Safety officer or see on of our Flight Instructors to review your plane for correct setup and make sure it’s ready to fly.

Are gliders supported at any of NFMI fields?

Yes. At our Fritz field, we have quite a few members that fly gliders, and have a separate sail plane / glider area, with every good equipment to support it. 

Are there special requirement for flying Jets?

EDF (electric ducted fan) jets, no. For Turbine Gas powered jets, YES. AMA has requirements for the equipment and pilot. click here for AMA Requirements

AMA members can fly turbine jets provided the operator holds a current AMA Turbine Waiver.

I signed up as a member perviously or with the paper process, can i get access to the Members ONLY section?

Members after 2019 even if you signed up thru the paper process are in our NFMI web site database. You can then follow our renewal process to renew or rejoin . Click HERE

Do I have to carry my physical NFMI membership card?

Yes. We like members to wear exposed and visible their membership card. We have lots of new members, not everyone knows each member. This allows members to know the persons name they meet at our fields or at meetings. 

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