Renewing your membership.

There are several options.

  • #1 – If you have a user id/password to this site. Use this website to renew and pay. (payment can be Paypal or CHECK in the mail)
  • #2 – If no user id/password, but you want to get one and renew.
  • #3 – Use manual paper form and mail check.

Option # 1 – Online member renewal. So you have a logon ID and password to the membership section of this site.

Please log on to the members section and click on Renew.  LOGIN

  • You will logon
  • review your online information, make changes where needed. usually still the same.  To edit your profile click on the gear symbol.

After you have confimed your information is correct or made changes.

  • You can pay thru PayPal by clicking on Payment.

Or Send a check in the mail. follow instructions on payment page

Option #2 – Get Online access and renew your membership. So you DO NOT have a logon ID and password to this site, want access and renew.

Go to our “Join” page for instructions. Click HERE

You can pay thru PayPal or send check in mail.

Option #3 – Want to use manual paper method?

  • Have your AMA number handy. Need to check or register? click on this link. AMA Login
  • BUT you will NOT have access to the “Members ONLY sections of this web site, if using the paper application
  • Click on this LINK to print the paper form. Directions are on the paper form.
Use email
Contact NFMI with questions on joining or renewing membership. Click HERE.