Club meetings are the 2nd Saturday of month at our Fritz field, (Escambia County Model Park), @ 11am. 

Google Map    Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings, and Visitors are welcome to visit the field(s), (NFMI member(s) must be present).  Visiting Guest Pilot’s see our FAQ.

Important Notices.

Jan 26th 2024. – If you have NOT renewed your membership, By Jan 31st your NFMI membership will have expired and you will no longer have flying priveleges at any NFMI fields. Also the GATE CODES will be changed on that date. Please renew now. If you have Thanks the club appreciates the support.

Jan 26th 2024. – GATE Codes to our fields will be changes starting FEB 1st the new codes will be required. IF your renewed NFMI 2024 membership card has the old gate codes on them, and you want a new card with the new codes on it, simply log into this web site, go to “Membership” tab, down to “Member_Card” and click. It will send you an email with a new card.

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