Requirements for NFMI membership.

  • Must have a current AMA Full Adult membership, and maintain active membership with the AMA thru out the year. AMA memberships do not all run for a full year ending Dec 31st, some may end mid year. You must keep your AMA active for the entire year.
  • AMA Park Pilot Membership will not suffice, must be a FULL Adult membership. For Youth (under 18) AMA YOUTH Membership required.
  • Read and follow the NFMI constitution, By-laws and Field Rules, at all times. Also follow published field rules for each site.
  • Agree to comply with all AMA safety rules as well as all NFMI rules and regulations.


  • Regular Membership $75
  • Senior Membership (65 and over as of Jan 1st) $50
  • Extra Family Membership when part of a paid membership, FREE, Must ALSO have a valid uptodate AMA membership.
  • Youth Membership Individual (must be member of AMA’s Youth membership), FREE
  • Active Duty Military Student (military student status in Pensacola area) , FREE
  • All Memberships are Jan 1 thru Dec 31st of each year.

Ways to Join

There are 2 methods to join.

  • Online.
  • Paper manual method.
Pick your method below.
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