Requirements for NFMI membership.

  • AMA – Must have a current AMA Full Adult membership, and maintain active membership with the AMA thru out the year. AMA memberships do not all run for calendar years ending Dec 31st, but run for a year from signup, so yours may end mid year. You must keep your AMA active for the entire year of your NFMI membership.
    • AMA Park Pilot Membership will not suffice, must be a FULL Adult membership. 
    • For Youth (under 18) AMA YOUTH Membership required.
  • Read and follow the NFMI constitution, By-laws and Field Rules and Etiquite , at all times. Also follow published field rules for each site.
  • Agree to comply with all AMA safety rules as well as all NFMI rules, regulations, Flying site Rules, and Flight Line Etiquette.

Flying privileges

  • New members, fall into 3 basic categories
    • Experienced pilots
    • Those returning to the hobby after a long absence.
    • Beginners

* Experienced pilots

* Returning to the hobby.

  • You are rusty admit it, but do understand flight. We have many many in this category. We suggest you at least fly with an instructor or other club member on a buddy box until you dust off those skills, and feel confident again.

*** Both are required to complete a flight certification check flight, with a club officer or club Instructor at the field. You will need to demonstrate your ability to fly and land safely. Also you will be tested on your knowledge of NFMI flying site rules, safety, Flight Line Etiquette,  AMA Safety and general rules. So make sure you have reviewed and know them. This MUST be done before you are granted flying privileges.


  • Learning with a NFMI Club Instructor. We have several, pick one and meet with them. You will learn to fly, be safe and learn Club and flying site rules, procedures, and Flight Line Etiquette.
    • Learn by yourself. First off, we do not recommend this, you will spend lots of money and time fixing and building aircraft as you will crash a lot. While we will allow this, You will need to meet with the NFMI club safety office or other club officer to check your knowledge of Safety and Rules. Any unsafe flying determined by a club officer, will result in suspension of flying privileges.


  • Regular Membership $75
  • Senior Membership (65 and over as of Jan 1st) $50
  • Extra Family Membership when part of a paid membership, FREE, Must ALSO have a valid uptodate AMA membership.
  • Youth Membership Individual (must be member of AMA’s Youth membership), FREE
  • Active Duty Military Student (military student status in Pensacola area) , FREE
  • All NFMI Memberships are Jan 1 thru Dec 31st of each year.

Ways to Join

There are 2 methods to join.

  • Online.
  • Paper manual method.
Pick your method below.
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