Regular Membership $75

Senior Membership (65 and over as of Jan 1st) $50

Extra Family Membership when part of a paid membership, FREE

Youth Membership Individual (must be member of AMA’s Youth membership), FREE

Active Duty Military Student (military student status in Pensacola area) , FREE

All Memberships are Jan 1 thru Dec 31st of each year.

Membership renewals are due by Jan 31st of the next year.

Renewal memberships. We start taking them Oct 1st.

Requirements for NFMI membership.

  • Must have a current AMA membership, and maintain active membership with the AMA thru out the year. AMA memberships do not all run for a full year ending Dec 31st, some may end mid year. You must keep your AMA active for the entire year.
  • Read and follow the NFMI constitution, By-laws and Field Rules, at all times. Also follow published field rules for each site.
  • Agree to comply with all AMA safety rules as well as all NFMI rules and regulations.

Want to use manual paper method?

  • Have your AMA number handy. Need to check or register? click on this link. AMA Login
  • BUT you will NOT have access to the “Members ONLY sections of this web site, if using the paper application
  • Click on this LINK to print the paper form. Directions are on the paper form.

Requirements needed before you start the online application process.

  • Have your AMA number handy. Need to check or register? click on this link. AMA Login
  • Decide on a user ID (can not use your email address)
    • (but can use your email address without the “@” sign. for example your email address is,, you could use for a user id. Not a requirement, just a thought.
  • Decide on a password. Must be 8 long, contain at lest 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number.

Ready to Join? click here  Registration  ONLINE.