For this type of Membership with NFMI. You must have been nominated and voted on by the membership at a meeting to claim this type of membership.
Under 18 years old as of Jan 1st of year requesting membership. Must have parental consent, and be registered with AMA under their Youth membership program. No voting rights associated with this type. No fee.
Must be 65 or older as of January 1st of the year you are registering or renewing.
Any Active duty military stationed in the general Pensacola area in a DUTY UNDER INSTRUCTION status.
This is for a short period of time, membership. With NO Voting privilege's. Flying prrivileges, with a NFMI Member only. Must have AMA membership, or part member part of AMA's Intro Pilot program.
This member must live in the same home as the regular PAID family member. Paid member means a Full or Senior Member. This could be a spouse, other relative of the NFMI PAID member. If a child, please pick "Youth Membership", which is also free.

Make sure to click on the “I’m not a robot” field. Then click on ENTER Registration. You will after a few seconds be directed to Log in with your new User & ID. Then directed to payment options.     Thanks for Joining.

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